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Dear CIGRÉ members and visitors - 21st January 2016


  • An update (November 2015) of the Business Values of CIGRE has been released!
  • The CIGRE/IEC Symposium (Cape Town, South Africa) is over, a great event! B3 members can access the Substation-relevant papers including the Special Report on the Event webpage.
  • The A3/B3 colloquium in Nagoya has been a success! Arigato Gozaimasu Koji Kawakita, Shinki Noguchi, Akira Okada, Junko Tanaka and to all our kind hosts and organisers for this excellent colloquium and B3 events. You can access the Event page here.
  • B3 members properly identified can access all the files of the 52nd B3 meeting (01/10/2015) here including the usual Popular Report. Many thanks to John Randolph for that!

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