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Substations and electrical installations :

Study Committee B3 addresses topics throughout the asset management life-cycle phases; from concepti

on, through research, development, design, production, deployment, operation, and end-of life. At all stages, technical, safety, economic, environmental and social aspects are addressed as well as interactions with, and integration into, the evolving power system and the environment. All aspects of performance, specification, testing and the application of testing techniques are within scope, with a specific focus on the impact of changing interactions and demands due to evolution of the power system. Life cycle assessment techniques, risk management techniques, education and training are also important aspects.

Transmission and Distribution substations play a central role within electrical networks in providing reliable energy with
 high availability.

SC B3 serves a broad range of target groups in the electric power industry whose needs include the technical, economic, environmental and social aspects of Substations.

The SC B3 mission is to:

-       Facilitate and promote the progress of substation engineering and the international exchange of information and knowledge in the substations field.

-       Add value to this information and knowledge by synthesizing state-of-the-art practices and developing related recommendations.

Major objectives for SC B3 includ

e improving plant reliability and availability, optimizing asset management, minimizing environmental impact and the recognition of social needs and priorities in facilitating the sustainable development of Substations.

SC B3 constitutes a bridge bet

ween the “system“ study committees (the C-committees) and the more specialized “equipment” committees (the A-committees), and has working relationships with most of the other Study Committees.


Principal areas of interest

-       New substation concepts including the integration of new approaches to grid automation.

-       Life-cycle management of substations, including renovation, maintenance, monitoring, reliability and sustainability issues.

-       The impact of new communication standards and smart grids on new and existing substations.

-       Special purpose substations such as off-shore substations and also low cost and fast deployment substations.

-       The management of risk in the design, installation and operation of substations.

Current activities

SC B3 has over 350 experts in 15 active Working Groups, focusing on activities in 4 different topic streams relating to the following substation technical and operational areas:

-       Substation Concepts and Developments.

-       Gas insulated substations (includes gas insulated lines).

-       Air Insulated Substations.

-       Substation Management.

Key projects / forthcoming events

-       CIGRE “Reference Book” Series, Substations, published in 2018 and SF6 Greenbook to be published in 2019.

-       CIGRE Session 47, including the tutorial: Contemporary solutions for low cost substation Design on 29 August 2018, Paris and a workshop on Safety working in substations to be held on Friday 31 August 2018

-       CIGRE Romania Conference and Colloquium on Condition, Monitoring, Diagnosis and Maintenance (CMDM 2019), 7-13 September 2019, Bucharest, Romania

-       Symposium and Study Committee Meeting: “Towards active, sustainable digital networks that are resilient and integrated from UHV to distribution”, Chengdu, China, 20-25 September 2019

-       Regular Working Group and other meetings.

Other specific interests

-       SC B3 maintains close relationships with SC A3 - High Voltage Equipment, SC C3 – Environmental, SC B1 - Cables and D1 - Materials and Emerging Test Techniques.

-       SC B3 members support CIGRE work and activities in extending the electricity system in sub-Saharan Africa and in developing countries globally.


Topics of Working Groups

-       WG B3.34        Expected impact of future grid concept on substation management

   WG B3.35        Substation earthing system design optimisation through the application of quantified risk analysis

-       WG B3.38        Management of Risk in Substations

-       WG B3.39        Impact of NCIT applications on HV Gas Insulated Sw


-       WG B3.41        Mobile Substations Incorporating HV GIS - Design Aspects

-       WG B3.42        Reliability Analysis and Design Guidelines for LV AC/DC Auxiliary Systems          

-       WG B3.43        Contemporary Solutions for Low Cost Substations

-       WG B3.44        Substation Servicing and Supervision Using Mobile Devices and Smart Sensing

-       WG B3.45        Application of non-SF6 gases or mixtures in medium voltage and high voltage gas-insulated switchgear

-       WG B3.46        Guidelines for Safe Work in Substations

-       WG B3.47        Application of Robotics in Substations

-       WG B3.48        Asset Health Systems for Substations

-       WG B3.49        Review of Busbar Component Reliability

-       WG B3.50        Concepts for Onsite Testing of GIS

-       WG B3.51        Service continuity guide for the maintenance, repair and extension of HV GIS

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Latest publications:

TB 660              Saving through optimised maintenance in air-insulated substations

TB 674              Benefits of PD Diagnosis on GIS condition assessment          

TB 686              Mitigating the effects of arcs in MV switchgear

TB 723              SF6 Measurement Guide

TB                    Managing Risk in Substations

The Greenbook: “Substations” launched in 2018

All of the above TBs are available for download from


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