Dear CIGRÉ members and visitors - 17th October 2014

News: a dedicated section has just been created for the SC B3 ToR, click here! You'll find the incoming WG B3.42 « Reliability analysis and design guidelines for LV AC/DC Auxiliary Systems » which is currently under review within the SC B3.

Welcome to our freshly updated B3 website! You will find articles addressing the strategic plans, the action plans and the several colloquiums (papers/articles included) as well as ToR and WG list from SC B3.

Do not hesitate to browse through "What is SC B3?" to access Terms of Reference, Working Group status and Membership data.

!CIGRÉ 2014 Paris session report!

SC B3 members can access the 51st meeting file here.

Papers and Presentations (Poster Session, Technical Session and SF6 workshop), they are now available on the website!!! Visit the "Events" section and click on the event to access documents!



If you have any questions regarding this SC B3, please click here to contact SC B3 secretary.