International workshop on power transformers, equipment, substations and materials

20/11/2016 - 23/11/2016
Recife - Brazil

 In the VIII Workspot will be discussed topics on Power Transformers and Reactors, High Voltage Equipment, Substations and Materials and Emerging Technologies that are objects from the scope of Study Committees A2, A3, B3 and D1 CIGRE Brazil.

More information here on the dedicated website:

Please find here the Preferential Subjects for the Study Committee B3 in addition to those for A2, A3 and D1:

  • PS1 - Advances in substation technology
    • New connection configuration for higher reliability and reduced cost;
    • Combination of outdoor and GIS/MTS technologies for substation area reduction;
  • PS2 - Developments and new thinking in substation design
    • New possibilities for uprating and upgrading;
    • Maximising substation availability;
    • Circuit configuration optimization;