WG B3.32 - Saving through Optimized Maintenance of Air Insulated Substations

Utilities and Asset Owners throughout the world are faced with higher requirements for reliability of power delivery and with ageing assets that require increasing maintenance and capital expenditure.

The objective of this Working Group is to review the concepts of sustainment in particular for AIS, applicability to various types of equipment and juridictions, methodology of testing, Refurbish versus replacement decisions and optimization of maintenance.

The scope of this Working Group is :

  • To review operating and maintenance methodologies for AIS.
  • To give guidelines for uniform maintenance standards for various substation equipment.
  • To review Guidelines for Refurbish-versus-Replace decisions for AIS.
  • To collect experiences from Utilities.

WG B3.32 should propose an interim report and finalize its deliverables in 2014 : An ELECTRA article and a Technical Brochure.