Tutorials for SC B3

Update: 10/05/2016

Please download our Tutorials Flyer here for SC B3.

If you want to oganise a tutorial on Substations as described on the list below or if you need extra information, contact Piet Knol, head of the Tutorial Advisory Group for SC B3.

Learn more about our B3 tutorials and how they can improve your organisation: the Eleclarama experience on YouTube.

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Residual life aspects on GIS

  • Technical Brochure 499 (link here)
  • Tutor: Karsten Pohlink

Upgrading & Uprating substations

  • Technical Brochure 532 (link here)
  • Tutor: Akira Okada

Obtaining value from on-line monitoring

  • Technical Brochure 462 (link here)
  • Tutor: Arthur Mackrell

Standardisation vs. innovation in substation design                        

  • Technical Brochure 389 (link here)
  • Tutor: Terry Krieg

Application Guidelines for Turn-Key Projects                            

  • Technical Brochure 439 (link here)
  • Tutor: Akira Okada, Gilles Trémouille

Circuit Configuration Optimisation

  • Technical brochure 585 (link here)
  • Tutor: Gerd Lingner

Responsible Use of SF6- Challenges and Options

  • Tutor: Peter Glaubitz

High Voltage Off Shore AC substations                                                       

  • Technical brochure 483 (link here)
  • Tutor: John Finn

SF6 analysis for AIS, GIS and MTS Condition Assessment

  • Technical Brochure 567 (link here)
  • Tutor: Eamonn Duggan

Considerations for AC Collector Systems and Substations connected with HVDC Wind

  • Tutor: Douglas Ramsay (WG B3.36, available Q4 2014 )

AIS Substation Design for Severe Climate Condition

  • Tutor: Mark McVey (WG B3.31, available Q3 2014 )

Saving Through Optimized Maintenance of AIS Substations

  • Tutor: Hugh Cunningham (WG B3.32, available Q1 2015 )