Terms of Reference

Last update: 06/11/2015

You will find here all the ToR of active Working Groups and link to the Technical Brochures for those which have been disbanded.

You can access the exhaustive list of every ToR for CIGRE Working Groups from the Central Office here.

The list to on-going WG can be found as well here.

Please note that to download the brochure, you will have to log on to e-CIGRE with your CIGRE number.

Working Groups - Task Forces

RefStatusTechnical BrochureTitleConvener Dates
(Creation - Disbanding)
WG B3.13Disbanded  François GALLON (FR)2005 - 2013
WG B3/C1/C2.14DisbandedAvailable soon Gerd LINGNER (DE)2006 - 2013
WG B3.36DisbandedAvailable soon Peter SANDEBERG (SE)2011 - 2013
WG B3.35On-going  Bill CARMAN(AU)2013-2016
WG B3.25DisbandedTB 567 Eamonn DUGGAN (IE)2009-2013
WG B3.29DisbandedTB 562 Guangfan LI (CN)2010-2013
WG B3.30DisbandedTB 594 Silvio STANGHERLIN (CH)2010-2013
JWG B3/B1.27Disbanded  Hermann KOCH (DE)2011-2014
WG B3.24Disbanded  Mark REUTER (DE)2012-2015
WG B3.37Disbanded  Didier FULCHERON (FR)2013-2017
WG B3.31DisbandedTB 614 Mark McVEY (US)2011-2015
WG B3.32On-going  Hugh CUNNINGHAM (IE)2011-2014
WG B3.34On-going  Johan SMIT (NL)2011-2014
WG B3.38On-going  Gérald BUCHS (CH)2014-2017
WG B3.39On-going  Karsten POHLINK (CH)2014-2017
WG B3.40On-going  Eamonn DUGGAN (IE)2014-2016
WG B3.41On-going  Paul FLETCHER (UK)2014-2016
WG B3.42On-going  Reliability analysis and design guidelines for LV AC/DC Auxiliary SystemsJianbin FAN (CN)2014-2017
WG B3.43On-going Contemporary solutions for low cost substationsPerry Tonking (AU)2015-2018
WG B3.44On-going   Substation servicing and supervision using mobile devices and smart sensingNicolaie Fantana (DE)2015-2018