Working Group Area

Update: 29/09/2015

Please refer to the official list of on-going WG compiled by the Central Office.


SAG Strategic Advisory Group

The Strategic Advisory Group helps SC B3 Chairman in defining the strategic directions and actions of the Study Committee

CAG Customer Advisory Group

The Customer Advisory Group ensure that the works of SC B3 address the needs of its Target Groups

TAG Tutorial Advisory Group

The Tutorial Advisory Group aims to train or educate a range of target audiences in SC B3 activities

WG B3.13 Reducing replacement time of HV Equipment

The objective of the Working Group is to investigate engineering concepts, equipment assemblies and working methods which could reduce HV equipment replacement time.

JWG B3/C1/C2.14 Circuit Configuration Optimisation

Circuit configurations of High Voltage Substations are influenced by operational requirements : availability, sectionalizing needs, control and protection scheme...

The objective of the WG is to develop a guideline to support the process of circuit configuration optimisation.

WG B3.36 Special considerations for AC collector systems and substations associated with HVDC connected wind powers plants

WG B3.26 has issued a "Guidelines for the design and construction of AC offshore substations for wind farms". in coordination with WG B4.55 which is working on the HVDC connections, WG B3.36 will deal with the AC collector systems for wind farms

WG B3.30 Guide to minimize the use of SF6 during routine testing of electrical equipment

The objective of the working group is to investigate the possibilities to minimize the use of SF6 during routine testing of electrical equipment. For this purpose, the working group will identify the environmental friendly gases and their relative properties; identify which tests could be modified; define the modifications in the test procedures; suggest modifications to be introduced into the current Standards in force, if any.

WG B3.31 Air Insulated Substations design for Severe Climate Condition

The objective of this WG is to review current experience and practices of designing Air Insulated Substations and to share knowledge on counter measures, design and specification for severe climate conditions. The document is written from the perspective of planning, engineering, basic design, detailed design, equipment engineering, project engineers who may be facing problems for the first time.

WG B3.32 - Saving through Optimized Maintenance of Air Insulated Substations

Utilities and Asset Owners throughout the world are faced with higher requirements for reliability of power delivery and with ageing assets that require increasing maintenance and capital expenditure.

The objective of this Working Group is to review the concepts of sustainment in particular for AIS, applicability to various types of equipment and juridictions, methodology of testing, Refurbish versus replacement decisions and optimization of maintenance.

WG B3.37 Internal arc effects in Medium Voltage switchgear (1-52kV)-mitigation techniques

The WG has been officially set-up in July 2013, after some preparatory work. It will prepare a Brochure expected to be available in 2017.

Reference Book

Workspace for the Reference Book in substations project.

WG B3.40 - SF6 Gas Measurement Guide

SF6 Gas Measurement Guide

WG B3.38 Management of risk in Substations

Management of risk is a tool to optimize the engineering process of a very complex system like a substation and to address issues which may have potential for operational, environmental and personnel safaty risk

WG B3.39 Impact of NCIT applications on HV Gas Insulated Switchgear

The aim of the working group is to collect current experience, provide information about impact and application to GIS, give guidance for implementation of NCIT’s to GIS, discuss technical advantages and drawbacks and show some best practice examples 

WG B3.41 Mobile Substations incorporating HV GIS

The early adopters of mobile substations using GIS technology have now gained valuable experience regarding the implementation and use of these mobile substations and it would be valuable to capture this experience and make it available to other potential purchasers

SC B3 meeting

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