Study Committe B3 Structure

Last update: 02/09/2016

SC B3 has currently :

  • 3 permanent Advisory Groups assisting the Chairman in the definition of strategic and customer oriented directions,
  • Several Working Groups and Task Forces, all approved by the Technical Committee of CIGRE, with definite scope, deliverables and duration.

Present SC B3 WG structure:

03-SC+B3+organisation+chart+Active&Pending+10+August+2016.xls (pdf, 54kB)

If you are interested in working in any Working Bodies, if yous wish to make any proposals (of new work) or any suggestions please contact us (see contacts in the SC B3 front page).

Chairman: Terry KRIEG (AU)

Secretary: Romain MIGNÉ (FR)

Advisory Groups

SAGStrategic Advisory GroupTerry KRIEG (AU)
CAGCustomer Advisory GroupMick MACKEY (IE)
TAGTutorial Advisory GroupPiet KNOL (NL)
AA1Cluster for Substations Concepts and DevelopmentsMark OSBORNE (UK)
AA2Area Advisory for Gas Insulated SubstationsPeter GLAUBITZ (DE)
AA3Area Advisory for Air Insulated SubstationsAkira OKADA (JP)
AA4Area Advisory for Substation ManagementJohan SMIT (NL)